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Has this ever happened to you; you rush in the morning only to find out that you forgot your necklace, your favorite pair of earrings or a bracelet that matched your outfit? It certainly has happened to me! Many times!
As a working Mom, my mornings are chaotic. Getting my family out the door always left me forgetting accessories that matched my outfit. I have ended up leaving for work forgetting a ring, necklace, earrings or a bracelet. Digging through my jewelry boxes and picking the right jewelry in the morning, just doesn’t happen because I don’t have the time. On sharing this concern with my friends led me to be aware that this was a problem faced by most of my friends too. I felt I needed to avoid this stress in getting ready every morning and be able to wear the perfect jewelry with all my outfits.
Jewelinx allows for every outfit to be accompanied with the perfect jewelry in the closet. No more cluttered counter-space or running between 3 jewelry organizers. Organizing my Jewelry sets at my convenient time days ahead, gets me prepared for weeks or even months later. Now dressing up in the mornings and completing my style with the right jewelry is much faster and last minute evening events are never stressful!
Jewelinx was developed with one goal in mind to help busy women to be organized while still being stylish..! At Jewelinx we’re working hard in bringing the most innovative solutions for your success. Our team is a hardworking group of creative minds that strive tirelessly for offering solution-oriented cutting-edge tools for reducing stress, and improving the quality of your life.
Be in style, on time, every time…… Enjoy!
Comments? Let us know at customerservice@hangerjewelinx.com